The Leyton Project is an architectural and performative transformation documented through film of a textile and furniture upholstery workshop into a combined production facility and cultural meeting place. The company Pekalp of London is a third-generation family run business and manufacturers of soft furniture.

The performance and film is an ongoing project which is created in collaboration with Warren Menkenrick, director and founder of CutFoam, who is conducting the transformation of The Leyton Project, as well as being developed with the team at Art in Public and Will Sandy | Design Studio. Warren has been working with the Pekalp family over the last three decades is the lead to deliver the next chapter in 258 Church Road’s history. I will be the researcher and artist in residency. The filming is done by photographer and filmmaker Matt Achurst and photographer Laurence J Moss. All the workers at Pekalp of London will also be collaborating as well as local residencies of Leyton. 

This performance and film's aim is mainly to start to have a physical conversation on site about the transformation of the place, using the curtain as a conversation piece between the old and the new. There will be a series of further investigations taking place in year 2021. 

Elin’s performance allows for spacial experimentation aiding the development of the factory site into a future mixed use space. 
To see the space divided by fabric and light, incorporating the materials and movement of crafts people who work there and helping to change the framing and perception of the space is a vital tool in telling the story of history of the factory and inviting new uses and layouts in a flexible, creative and respectful manner.  (Lisa Jones - www.artinpublic.co.uk)