In November 2011, we set off to visit the forgotten Royal Air Force dishes, dumped in Stenigot, on a remote field
between Lincoln and Louth, Lincolnshire. The journey was long, and after the last bus ride we finally walked over the
plowed field, that led to these immense divulging dishes. We were stopped by Paul, a farmer who in the end gave us
permission to access the site.

Architecture is understood through movement and sound, as well as all our other senses.
With our investigation in the parabolic dish weintended to grasp the size of the huge dishes and juxtapose the
1000-kilometer distance with our journey to the site. We travelled 200 kilometers to reach the dishes, 1/5 of the reach of the signal.
This project is meant to be a series of investigations of sites, that have lost their original function and meaning, and now stands as sculptures in the landscape and potential instruments. These instruments are not just visual relics in a landscape but can be given a new life as instruments for sound and investigations for new uses.

The track was broadcast at TBG+S for Dublin Art Book Fair and was aired on Dublin Digital Radio in November 2018. The broadcast was curated by Alison Balance and Alice Rekab. It included a number of readings and tracks from various artists and writers. 

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Stenigot, Lincolnshire, 2011