'Casting Traces' is a performance where I applied the concept of 'demanding props’.
The performance came about in collaboration with the dance group New Movement Collective
and was performed at Testbed 1 in Battersea. An old converted dairy factory, owned by architect Will Alsop and artist Bruce McLean.
We built the entire theatre space as a wear-and-tear design of newsprint paper, and manipulated how the audience moved around in the paper maze occupying the room amidst the dancers. We studied the architecture in one-to-one, identifying what props attracted people and what props kept people away, and we observed what slight changes in the design that turned a barrier into a threshold and a threshold into a barrier.

In August 2013 we put up Casting Traces in Copenhagen, and in the summer of 2014 New Movement Collective and I expanded our production of Casting Traces to 3 different locations in England: Olaf Street (Shepherds Bush/London), Circus Street Market (Brighton) and Guild Hall (Winchester). Click here to read a 5 star review from The Observer, The Guardian by Luke Jennings.

Click here to see a video of the performance.

DanceTabs, 12 July 2012, The London Dance, 12 July 2012, The Public Reviews, 13 July 2012

Photos by Maja Nydal