‘Attending Spaces’ is a performance fusing architecture and choreography.

‘Attending Spaces' was the first in a series of site-specific performances, part of a research project, that uses the city as stage. In a close collaboration between architect and performers, hybrid methods have been explored in 1:1 and iterated through improvisations at the performance venue, Testbed 1.

In 'Attending Spaces' the performers Harvey Lancaster-Rous, Letizia Binda-Partensky, and Sophie Connon engaged in Sisyphean manual labour. The performance continuously evolved over the four days, within a space filled with slowly hardening concrete canvas off-cuts. Concrete canvas is a geo-textile used for large-scale landscaping projects. The audience and passersby were encouraged to come back and witness the progress of the performance.

Social interactions should define the built environment. A subset of these social interactions are tasks, chores and work, we do to create and maintain relationships in our everyday lives. This task making is central to the research project's choreographed investigation, in shaping a new kind of spatial awareness.

The project has been made possible in collaboration with Will Alsop, director of aLLDesign and Anna Furse from Goldsmiths University, Kenneth Zammit from Buro Happold and design practice Villalba Lawson. The Danish Arts Foundation, Dreyers Fond and Danish Association of Architects have supported the project.

Click here to see a  3 min video of the performance.

Click here to see the full lenght video of the performance.

Bermondsey, London, 2017

Photos by Chloe Tun Tun, filming by Luca Torrente and editing of film by Laurence J Moss